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WordPress is a content management system (CMS) used to create websites and web-based applications like ticket systems, school management systems, and many others. WordPress is open-source free software and has a heavily documented knowledge base. It is a PHP and MySQL based application which has a file system to manage files and a database to store data.


WordPress to design websites and custom web applications:

It has a very easy-to-use administrative backend to manage the website or web application content which can help you edit, add and update any content with minimal effort and training.

WordPress websites can be designed by either developing a custom design or by using ready to WordPress templates. Its functionality can also be extended by using thousands or ready to use free and paid plugins. WordPress website has SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly URL structure and with professional expertise in coding and design we can achieve the best performance in establishing a higher rank in search engines using organic keywords.



Downloads 140 million 50 million 15 million
Free Themes 2500+ 900+ 1900+
Free Plugins 4000+ 8000+ 2500+
Ease of Use Very Easy Relatively Easy Steep Learning Curve
SEO SEO Friendly Not Very SEO Friendly SEO Friendly
Scalability Highly Scalable Highly Scalable Extremely Scalable
Companies CNN MTV Sony Music
Best Use Blogs, Websites, Portfolios,
Custom Development,
eCommerce, Websites Large and Complex Websites

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