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Drupal also is a content management system (CMS) used to publish web based content. Using Drupal, we can create websites and many custom web based applications. Drupal is an open source free software and is developed as a PHP and MySQL based application which has a file system to manage files and database to store data.

Core + Key

Drupal by default comes as a package with a lot of core functionalities to easily manage a simple website. More functionalities and features can be added using custom modules (explained below). Most of the core features includes functionalities that we need for our routine website usage.


Themes & Modules

Drupal websites can be designed by either developing a custom theme or by using a ready to use Drupal templates. Its functionality can also be extended by using thousands or ready to use free and paid modules. Custom themes and modules are the best ways to override core functions.



Drupal administrative backend can be used to manage the website or web application content which can help you edit, add and update any content with minimal effort and training. However, Drupal is somewhat technically advanced as compared to WordPress and Joomla when it comes to ease of using the user interface.


SEO Friendly

Drupal website has SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly URLs and with professional expertise in coding and design we can achieve the best performance in establishing a higher rank in search engines using organic keywords and by folllowing the best SEO techniques.


Regular Udates

Drupal core is actively maintained and updates are released regularly. The current 9x version is now heading towards version 10x during 2022 where we will expect to see a lot of improvements. It is highly recommeded to keep your website up to date.


Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is a module that can extend the core functionality of Drupal to add ecoomerce capabilities. It helps creating an online shop with products; creates the checkout process; and keeps track of invoices, receipts, orders, payments, shipping and payment.


Drupal 7 to 9

Drupal file structure and core is very different for versions upto 7.89 as compared to current versions. Those who are still on 7.x, it is highly recommended to update the core to boost functionality and security. But this migration can be complex.


Drupal can be used for developing anything from simple websites to complex applications. This can be done by using custom blocks, modules, templates, and custom coding. Packing the functionality in a module is very useful when we want to create override core functions with our newly developed functionality.

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