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Content Management System – Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal CMS

Content management system in its simplest form is an application that is used to create, update and manage web-based content like web pages or websites, media files (pictures, audios and videos) and other digital content like podcasts, webinars, marketing campaigns etc.

Choosing the best CMS depends on the following things:

A good content management system usually allows multiple users to work in a collaborative environment with access level controls where not all users have the same privileges to manage the web-based content. It has two separate interfaces like the front end to display the content, backend to manage the content to be displayed at the front end. CMS is different from Non-CMS is a way where the latter is not having the access to the backend to easily manage the content. In a Non-CMS based web application, the content is usually hardcoded as static content in separate files making it a comparatively time-consuming and expert dependent task. Choice of the content management system can be made considering the following things:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with Search Engine Friendly URLs to achieve a higher rank in search engines
  • Extended knowledge base to extend the content management system using plugins or scripts
  • Group or user-level access controls
  • Robust security to save the data from hackers
  • Minimal coding requirements to create and update the content
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