BI to boost your business growth:

Data means a lot in real world businesses and this is where we utilize Business Intelligence (BI) tools to analyze this data.

Are you facing information bottlenecks and higher labour costs? Do you have data but do not know how to make it actionable? If yes, then you need Business Intelligence (BI) to make better and faster decisions. BI helps making better decisions by providing decision makers with rich, exact and up-to-date information .

What We Offer in BI:

Deployment and Implementation services to help you at each and every step. We offer best-practice methodologies and deployment capabilities.

Every user requirement is different and so is the user data. This involves different procedures to implement the same thing for different customers. Our services offer solutions ranging consulting, implementation and training on different phases of BI.

We also offer end-user training for the post-implementation phase to help users on various aspects. (Admin and Reporting)

We offer consulting on the following solutions:

  • SAP BW

Business Intelligence dashboard is data visualization tool that displays the current status of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Dashboard design is the heart of Business Intelligence where the end user can evaluate the KPIs (key performance indicators) relevant to a particular objective or business process. Whether its sales, marketing, human resources, or production, dashboards provide the most relevant information in an interactive way.

Dashboards using Excel Data is one of the simplest ways to analyze the data in the form of tables and charts. Advanced versions of this includes various dashboard software solutions which enables to step further to an evaluation stage where the users can do comparative analysis.

We offer the following dashboard tools:

  • Crystal Reports
  • Xcelsius
  • Jasper Reporting
  • Custom Dashboards Designer

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